As my vintage collection has been expanding my closet space has been decreasing.  We have 3 bedrooms in our house and I had 2 of those 3 closets full of stuff.  Our guest room was a potpourri – dog room, “office” when we actually had a computer in there, and general storage.  We decided to relocate the dogs to our room (they sleep in a crate while we’re away during the day) and transform the office into my dressing room.

I can thank my talented husband for doing most of this transformation.  He put up a clothing rod and shelf for my clothes and (some of) my vintage purses.  I do still have some clothes (separates mostly) in the closet.  I hung my dresses.


He then went to the clearance warehouse sale at Find Furnish in NE Minneapolis and bought a dresser – it had marker on it, glitter on it, water rings, you name it.  He sanded it down and refinished it.  It’s so gorgeous!

IMG_8728 IMG_8729

I found some matching pink lamps at an antique shop for a steal!  I got my little retro looking radio at Target.

IMG_8739 IMG_9097

I’ve got my bracelets displayed and I still need more displays (someone has a bracelet problem….)


My dresser drawers hold my earrings and misc other jewels…


My awesome friend Roxanne made me some brooch holders.


Lucas made me this necklace display awhile back and I use the closet door for hair flowers.

IMG_8743 IMG_8742

My small vintage hat collection hangs on the wall….


I searched all over for a vanity.  I wanted one that was more 50’s/MCM than the classic 40’s waterfall styles.  I finally found this one via a Minneapolis MCM Facebook page.  I have a teal velvet ottoman to sit on now (pic below but it’s a little dark).



On my vanity I have my vintage ladies head vases, retro clock from Target, autographed Dita photo, mirror from Amazon, perfume and vintage vase from Julie.

IMG_9101 IMG_9102

And hello Paris/poodle trash can! (And matching kleenex box).


I love it!  HUGE thank you to my darling husband for helping me make it a reality!  Love you to the moon!