Historically we haven’t done much shopping at Viva.  The vendors prices are often quite high.  This year was an exception.

I finally picked up my first pair of Remix shoes – while they need a little breaking in I really like them so far.  They are not cheap (nearly $200) but everyone I know says they are worth every penny.


I also picked up jewelry (earrings and a necklace) and 2 dresses from Donnaland Vintage and a cocktail jacket from Glam Factory.  Lucas found the green print dress.  Go Lucas!  I picked up to dresses from PinUp Girl at the car show at yard sale prices ($60 each versus $144).  WIN!

IMG_7288 IMG_7287 IMG_7293

Speaking of Lucas – he picked up a plaid blazer from Boss Vintage and 2 shirts from AmberJoy Vintage.  He also found a couple of records at the antique mall and a souvenir tiki mug from Frankies.  Not a bad shopping haul.