By Friday everything was in full swing.  Friday morning started off with a Vintage Pajama Party in the cafe’.  Around 25 people attended and it was so fun to see all the vintage pajamas.  Julie wore a great novelty print (ladies dancing with fans) pink and metallic silver housecoat and I wore 40’s Asian inspired pajamas with wide leg silk pants that felt like buttah!  I did not want to take them off!



My friend Jessica won a cabana on Friday so we spent some time by the pool in her cabana.  It was so nice to hang out and chat with friends.  This was one of the first years we’ve ever had friends (plural) to hang out with!

Here I am with Missy – we could be sisters.  Facebook always tags me as her in my photos, haha.

DSC_0509 DSC_0483

My sweet friend Monique (who also does my hair!) in one of her 9 million vintage swimsuits.DSC_0542

Friday afternoon we ran off to see Charles Phoenix do his thang.  Charles is amazing and his slideshows are no exception.  This year his slide show was all Hawaiian tiki slides.  LOVED IT!  Talk about inspiration for my tiki party this summer!


Friday night we were ready to go after our early night Thursday.  I wore a black 40’s dress and my sweetheart friend Missy did my hair while Lucas and Julie drank cocktails in her room (we were all staying in the same hallway – super fun!).  We walked the vendor rooms, met new people, talked to old friends, posted for photo booth pictures and listened to bands together (including the Chop Tops in their last show together).  It was a super fun night.

PS – Can we talk about Monique’s amazing 3D Crane dress?

PPS – Can we talk about how pretty my friends are!?

DSC_0841 DSC_1045

*photos courtesy of Julie Abnet (