One of my favorite aspects of Viva Las Vegas is the fashion (besides the music and dancing).  It’s fun to put together outfits. I shop for Viva all year long but I really start putting outfits together in January.  My friend Jessica and I put together our outfit spreadsheet this year just like we have in the past.  I highly recommend a spreadsheet.  It helps with packing so much!

I thought I would go through all my outfits in one post and then I can focus on what we did each day in my other posts.

On Wednesday I wore my Trashy Diva Pearl Harbor sarong accessorized with my vintage straw purse and bakelite for shopping and Frankie’s tiki lounge.  Here I am with the other ladies in our hallway – Chelsea, Jessica and Missy.  It was so nice having rooms near each other.  As you can see my hair was a hot mess from 1. the airplane and 2. it was windy!


Thursday we did some antiquing and I wore one of my favorite sundresses from Stutterin’ Mama.  I accessorized as always with my straw bag and bakelite.


Thursday evening I wore one of my favorite dresses.  This cool novelty print 40’s dress features dancing ladies.  I accessorized with my crocheted navy bag with lucite handle.


Friday started off with vintage pajamas.  We were invited to a PJ breakfast by our Minneapolis friend Lisa.   I found these amaaazing 40’s pajamas online and they are in perfect condition.  The high waisted wide leg silk pants are so luxurious and that jacket with the shoulder pads – awesome!  Julie’s housecoat was pink and silver metallic with a novelty print of ladies with fans dancing.  So cool!


After breakfast we headed to the pool to hang out at the cabana for a couple of hours.  I wore a multicolored white vintage dress with bakelite accessories.


Outfit #3 for Charles Phoenix was this amazing gold southwestern style dress with pink and metallic gold accents.  I accessorized with a vintage necklace, bag and bakelite.


And our Friday night outfits!  I wore a black 40’s dress with rhinestone accessories and a vintage bag.  Lucas wore vintage pants, tie and atomic flecked jacket with his Remix shoes.  My friend Missy (technicolorcutie on Instagram) whipped up my hair quick. 🙂


Saturday is the big day at Viva where allllll the fancy fashions come out.  For the car show I wanted to wear something that didn’t require a crinoline.  I’ve worn one the last 2 years and they get HOT.  I wore a great pineapple print sarong with bolero from Vivien of Holloway. I accessorized with orchids in my hair, vintage bag and bakelite.


For Julie’s cabana day I went for a 30’s theme with a maxi from Trashy Diva, a vintage bag, bakelite and a turban (at this point my hair needed a wash STAT).  Lucas wore a vintage barkcloth shirt.



Saturday night I wore a lovely dress that came about thanks to my friends Sara and Darcy.  Sara had a lovely 40’s chevron striped dress that I loved since the day I saw it.  However it was a 24 or 25″ waist – yeah, not happening without ribs being removed.  Darcy had a 50’s sequined bustier.  She put the two together and we made a dress!  I accessorized with rhinestone earrings, bracelets and a vintage clutch.  More hair by Missy (I keep trying to get her to come live with me and do my hair everyday….)


Sunday when we finally woke up I put on my pink sequined trim Easter dress I purchased at Lula Vintage in St. Paul, hat from Via Vintage in Minneapolis, purse from Blacklist Vintage (now closed in Minneapolis), and gloves from the antique mall in Minneapolis.  Lucas wore his pink vintage shirt in honor of Easter and off to brunch (ok it was 2pm…) we went.


I changed into a vintage sequin skirt with peasant top and belt from PinUp Girl Clothing for shopping and Charles Phoenix part 2.  Again I have my trusty straw purse.


I think my Sunday night dress was my favorite!  It was a lovely floral silk chiffon from the early 40’s.  Pictures do not do it justice – it is covered in rhinestones and beads and sparkles in the light as you move.  Swooooon.  I accessorized with the rhinestone necklace I picked up at the vendors, rhinestone bracelets and coral celluloid earrings.  Lucas wore his vintage brown suit and 40’s tie.

IMG_7300 IMG_7298

Whew!  That wraps up my fashion post for Viva Las Vegas 18!  And for those of you wondering we bring 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons.  🙂