I hope you’re all full of food and good conversation from a great Thanksgiving!  Lucas and I joined our dear friend (who we consider family) Julie for a fantastic meal.  Julie’s menu including a turkey named Elsa (yes she named her because she was not thawing out), stuffing, roasted potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie, pickled cranberries.  We were in charge of salad – I made a lettuce salad and good old midwestern cranberry fluff at my husband’s request.  Julie used vintage everything for dinner – silver, china, linens and even a percolator for our coffee with dessert.  We had a wonderful time and we’re thankful for friends like Julie to enjoy the holidays with.  Here are some photos of our day….

I wore a vintage sweater dress, acorn brooch and carried my straw/fruit purse.

IMG_5927 IMG_5919

Lucas quickly made friends with the cat in residence, Miss Zelda Abnet.


Pre dinner cocktails included gimlets and cranberry shrubs (pickled cranberries, vodka and club soda).



Our pie had baby pies on it!


And lastly the hostess with the mostess with dessert service.