For our dinner party this year I chose the theme of “Villains” (previous years we’ve done famous dead people and the movies).

First our decor – I used all my usual decorations with a few easy (and inexpensive) additions both inspired from Pinterest (that didn’t fail as many Pinterest things do haha).  I made a Halloween spooky village for a grand total of $13.  The dollar store had their Christmas villages out – I picked up 13 pieces at a dollar each, spray painted them black and set them up with orange lights on the record player.

IMG_5581 IMG_5583I also saw this branch idea on Pinterest – Lucas found a branch for me that fell in a wind storm over the summer, spray painted it black and hung it up for me.  I love it!


IMG_5613 IMG_5615

Onto the costumes! I searched all over for Maleficent horns that weren’t $100 (that still had decent reviews) – no such luck.  I ordered one pair in August that were on back order up until the party (so I canceled the order).  Then I was thinking Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest (wire hanger scene) but I couldn’t find the proper robe – I’m sort of a costume stickler (for myself anyway).  So I went the easy route and dressed as Bonnie Parker (who may or may not be a villain depending on who you believe).

IMG_5659 IMG_5627

Lucas went as the doll from the movie “Saw” – and everyone agreed he was CREEPY.  Do you want to play a game?

IMG_5631We also had 2 witches, 2 Cruella’s, 2 evil queens from Snow White (but one as the old hag and one as the queen), Minne and Rosemary’s devil baby, Johnny from Karate Kid, evil Dr. Sivana, a “cereal” killer, and the Governor from Walking Dead.  Thank you Julie for the pics!


IMG_5632 IMG_5635 IMG_5638 IMG_5640 IMG_5649

IMG_5656 IMG_5652 IMG_5654 IMG_5643

IMG_5647 IMG_5644 IMG_5657 IMG_5658 IMG_5639

IMG_5649 IMG_5650

PS – if you want a good ab workout, play Cards Against Humanity.  But keep tissues at hand because you’ll likely cry from laughing so hard.

Til next year!