On Friday Lucas, Julie, Kevin, Julie and I went to Old Sturbridge Village.  This little village is like stepping back in time.  The town is set up like the year 1832.  It was incredibly interesting (especially to a history buff like myself).  It is huge (here is a map so you can see – https://www.osv.org/walking-trails-map-distances).  There are actors walking around playing townsfolk.  You can see a working saw mill and blacksmith shop along with a bank, tavern, printing press, houses for the differing classes of people, a church, and the list goes on.  I highly recommend it!  Photos courtesy of Julie Abnet (www.jabnetphotography.com).





On Friday we also stopped at one antique shop we had missed on Thursday.  Lucas found his vintage suit there and I found a black/white straw purse.  Score!

Up next – the actual Shake Up!