We flew into Boston EARRRRRLY (OMG early) Wednesday morning.  We promptly rented a car and hightailed it out of town.  First stop – Salem.  Salem is a short 25-30 min drive from Boston.  We stayed at the historic Hawthorne Hotel.  Built in the early 20’s this hotel has a history of ghosts and the TV show Bewitched filmed a few episodes.  Checking out the Bewitched statue!


Photo by Julie

We popped in a few of the antique shops and walked around the main part of town.  Our hotel was pretty centrally located so you can walk all over quite easily.  We checked out a cemetery in town where many of the stones dated back to the 1600’s.  We also checked out the memorial for the victims of the Salem witch trials.

IMG_5399 IMG_5390 IMG_5400

We turned in pretty early Wednesday night because we had been up since 3 am.  Thursday morning as we were getting ready to leave, Julie told us she had a ghost visit her bathroom – the toilet paper was folded.  Maybe she had a maid ghost!

Thursday we headed to Sturbridge and checked out the antique shops in town.  I found a novelty print dress that is too big for me but I’m hoping my seamstress can work magic and make it fit.


Thursday night we went out to dinner with Julie’s brother Kevin and his wife Julie (stay with me now – we have sister Julie and wife Julie haha).  We went to a great seafood place called Sturbridge Seafood.  I had some delicious salmon, Lucas had fish tacos, Kevin had oysters, shrimp, clam chowder and lobstah rolls (he just covered all his bases in one shot) and Julie had a whole lobstah – poor little guy with fixings – corn on the cob, sausage, potatoes, etc. We were full!  We swung by the preparty for a bit and headed to bed.


Stay tuned for our trip to Old Sturbridge Village.