Let’s get right to it shall we?  Here’s who I liked:

Lizzy looks good – this dress works well with her figure.  The cut outs at the waist add some interest to an otherwise boring black dress.



Katherine – I’m not always a fan of HER but I usually appreciate her vintage inspired looks.  Not a HUGE fan of the color (it makes her look very one dimensional) but I like the style.


Heidi!  Your boobies are covered up!  And your ass isn’t hanging out. You get on the good list just for that.  And that color looks amazing with the tan and hair.


Julia is a hot old broad.  She always looks good.   Great color.  Reds seemed to be the trend tonight.


Girl can give bitchface like no other.  Her hair is a bit of a hot mess but I like the color on her, the texture and the pockets.


More Mad Men Girls – Jessica looks lovely in this dress. 


Now for the not so good Mad Men girl – Christina!!  WTF.  She can do so much better.  Her hair looks like mine when it’s humid and my curls have gone to hell.  And that dress is just a mess.  Satin is not most womens’ friend.


Blossom – seriously?  Why am I surprised.  She wears what she wants…. but I don’t think she needs to wear a long sleeve crocheted dress in August in LA….  she’s looking very Betty White (even her hair is that of a 90 year old).  Who am I kidding? Betty wouldn’t wear this either.


Ok, where is your stylist?  They need a swift beating for letting you out of the house in a dress that doesn’t fit you.


Jon Hamm – you get to be on the good list… your girlfriend would have been had she made up her mind about the hem on her dress.


I have 2 dresses I’m on the fence about –

Lady Mary is pulling this off I think.  I don’t hate it.  It’s weird…. but again, I don’t hate it.  I hate her hair though.


And this little number.  All I can think is “how is the sitting in that dress?” and “how itchy is that?”  I do give her kudos for not wearing nude/beige/the anti color.  That was her thing for awhile.


I could go on and on but let’s keep this short.  Who did you like/dislike at the Emmys?


*photos from people.com