And got a clock, a lamp and 3 tables.  It happens.  Don’t judge.

findfurnish is a great shop in NE Minneapolis that always has great vintage (in particular mid century mod) furnishings, barware, flatware, records, clothes, etc.  If you live anywhere near Minneapolis and you appreciate vintage you should check them out (or at least follow them on Instagram and Facebook).  Anyway, back to my story – when we were in Vegas they posted a picture of a sunburst clock.  I’ve been wanting one for awhile and I was so bummed to see it was posted while we were away – I figured it would sell right away.  Well it didn’t!  I called the shop today and it was still there.  So we braved the monsoon (how about this rain/wind neighbors?!) and went to pick it up.  Lucas has been looking for end tables and a coffee table for the living room for awhile too and findfurnish had what we were looking for.  And they happened to have some lamps with fiberglass shades too!  These are so hard to come by because the shades are usually trashed.  We decided to go with a floor lamp this time around but we’ll likely be back for more later.

IMG_4142 IMG_4140 IMG_4139 IMG_4133 IMG_4135

In other news, I bought a car!  We’ve been lucky enough to be without car payments for almost 2 years.  However we both knew that bliss couldn’t last forever.  Lucas’ truck kept having more problems and more problems (the final death came thanks to a family of squirrels who made their home near the engine and chewed up the wires).  So we sold it on craigslist, he is going to drive my Vue and I got a Kia Soul.  I didn’t want a car and I didn’t want another SUV – I wanted a car/SUV baby so I decided on a Soul.  I know Kia had a bad rap when they first came out but they’ve gotten much better in recent years.  Here we are (sorry about the car in the background photo bombing us):


And now we’re done spending money for 5 years (just kidding… well kind of just kidding).