We are finally back and settled from our Viva Las Vegas Weekender.  I’ve been doing laundry for about 2 days now – I always say I need a vacation from my vacations!

This was our 2nd Viva Las Vegas.  We had a great time.  My favorites were the two Charles Phoenix slide shows, the Furious show and Lil Mo and the Dynaflos performing (look them and Furious up – they are both so good!). It was so awesome to see Kevin and Julie (Julie’s brother and his wife) again and I was lucky enough to finally meet my “internet” friends – Jessica from Canada, Missy from California and Dollie from California (and Monique from Minnesota – yes we hadn’t met until Vegas and we live in the same dang city, haha).

Jessica and I:


Dollie, Jessica and I:


Kevin and Julie – some of my favorite people at Viva (and amazing dancers!).


We went to the Neon Sign Boneyard for a night tour – while a few signs were lit up most were not.  It was still very cool to see at night.  The Stardust sign was lit which is my favorite!

We did a little shopping this year.  And by we I mean Lucas, haha!  He got some fancy new shoes from Re-Mix and vintage tie clips.  We also picked up 7 new CD’s – Lil Mo and the Dynaflos and a 6 volume set of classic rockabilly music.

I’ll share my outfits with you!  Wednesday I changed into this Harley dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing for our trip to the Neon Museum, antique store and Fremont Street.  I put all 3 of my fruit clips from Andy’s Eye Candy (check her on Etsy too!) in my hair.  It was a hit.  Pin Up Girl reposted the pic on their instagram and it had over 2000 “likes” – very cool!  I also wore vintage bakelite, earrings from Luxulite and used my vintage basket purse.



Thursday we stayed around the hotel and did a little shopping, hung out at the pool, etc.  My outfit for the day was a vintage sequin skirt and a top from The Oblong Box Shop.  I got quite a few compliments on the skirt too.


Thursday night I wore my floral poppy dress from Le Bomb Shop (via eBay).  I borrowed Jessica’s lucite purse too!


Friday I was lucky enough to wear this beauty from my sweet friend Missy.  She made this dress!!  Don’t you love it? I do – in fact I love it so much she’s making me my very own!  My cute brooch and earrings are from Luxulite (look her up on Etsy – she’s awesome).

IMG_4004 IMG_4010

Friday night brought out the lurex!  I scored this on ebay for cheap because someone thought they were selling an “80’s glittery dress”.  I accessorized with vintage jewelry and a beaded bag.


Julie and I at dinner – Fridays are novelty brooch Fridays!  I got Julie’s bowling pin brooch from Luxulite too!



Saturday is the big car show!  My first outfit was a vintage 1950’s floral dress with matching belt, bakelite, straw bag, hair flower and you can’t forget a parasol.  IT WAS HOT!  All of us girls had swollen feet and blisters at this point.


Jessica and I were interviewed by Jen from A Vintage Vanity at the car show!  Here is the link (we are toward the beginning): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENkR_jkC0sg&list=UUJnOck4zrUzFllmzvX7Rhzg


After a break from the car show I changed into my vintage Shaheen dress with matching bakelite.


And I happened to run into Mr. Big Sandy out at the pool!


Saturday night is get fancy night at Viva.  I wore a custom green satin dress from Etsy.  I accessorized with a vintage jewelry set and a confetti lucite purse borrowed from Jessica. Lucas wore his vintage blue suit and new shoes.  He got alot of compliments on his suit!


Sunday is traditionally a pool day at Viva (people are recovering from Saturday).  My first outfit was an atomic print light weight dress to wear at the pool.


I changed into a vintage Shaheen again borrowed from Missy (speaking of Missy – go check out her blog Technicolor Cutie – I love it! http://www.technicolorcutie.com/). I’m glad I had that matching cardigan because it was chilly sitting in the auditorium watching Mr. Charles Phoenix throw doughnuts at people on Easter (you had to be there).  I also put my hair up because it had about had it from being at the pool.


Sunday night I wore my navy blue dress from Lindy Bop and accessorized with rhinestones and a vintage beaded bag.


My travel home dress on Monday was the Milan from Heart of Haute.  It is very comfortable and perfect for travel!


I’ll leave you with some amazing pictures taken by my dear friend Julie.  Visit her website http://www.jabnetphotography.com to see more!


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See ya next year Viva!