Viva Las Vegas is hours away.  HOURS!!!  We will be up at the bright and early hour of 4 am on Wednesday to get to the airport (and pick up Julie on the way) including dropping off the car at the park n ride by 630.  Whew.

In the 2 weeks leading up to Viva we have had a bit of excitement to hold us over.  2 weeks ago we had the pleasure of seeing Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys at Lee’s Liquor Lounge.   Enjoy some Big Sandy here:  Can’t wait to see him again at Viva in a few days!

I wore my new Trashy Diva Lillian dress – I love this dress.  So comfortable and flattering and I didn’t need to alter it.  I can never get a dress off the rack that doesn’t need altering.  LOVE!  I piled my hair on top of my head for a quick poodle do because at this point my roots were on fire.  Probably could be seen from space even.  🙂 I rounded out my look with hair flowers, a vintage straw bag and bakelite.


Last night brought the return of Mad Men and the premiere party at Jax in NE!  We’ve gone the last 2 years (see pics below):





Most people dress for whatever the year is on the show – at this point 1969 – but I just couldn’t do it. Polyester and orange/green/brown/mustard florals are just NOT my jam.  So this is as 60’s as I get – a vintage blue dress with vintage lucite purse, vintage rhinestone belt and jewels.


Lucas got to break out his vintage blue suit and tie as well.  It’s not often he finds a suit that fits him off the rack either!  He did have the jacket tweaked a bit by my seamstress.  Speaking of which – if you need an awesome seamstress who comes TO YOUR HOUSE let me know!


Julie, Kitty, Darin and Dani joined us this year! Looking forward to the FINALE (sad face) party next year.


Thank you Julie for use of some of the pics!