Viva Las Vegas.  Those three words make me so happy.  Sooooooo happy!  For those of you wondering what Viva Las Vegas is it is a 4 day rockabilly weekender consisting of music, dancing, shopping, cars, burlesque, fashion shows, slide shows, guitar shows, pool parties, and good people watching.  It happens every year on Easter weekend. We are now sitting at 50 days before the plane leaves for Las Vegas.  Last year was my first year and I wanted to do a blog post about my experience and what I want to do differently this time.

I’m focusing this blog post on prepping for Viva!  Most girls start the post holiday slim down in January in prep for Viva.  Viva is always Easter weekend so generally that gives you at least 3-4 months to get in tip top shape.  I personally start cutting out the carbs and sugar and that leans me out enough to make me happy.   I’m not going for drastic weight loss – if I did that I wouldn’t have any clothes that fit!


First things first – packing.  I literally write down what I’m going to bring.  Right down to the outfits (I know girls that use Excel spreadsheets to plan everything down to jewelry and shoes and I know girls that plan their whole weekend wardrobe around a theme).  I mostly map out my outfits so I don’t OVER pack.  It also helps so you don’t have the “What should I wear?” conversation with yourself.  We didn’t pack until the night before – I had everything laid out a couple of weeks before – see above – (and was constantly switching things out) but to minimize wrinkles as much as I could everything went in right before bed and my crinoline went on top – they actually make a darn good cushion.  Tip – put hair flowers in purses or a shoe box so they don’t get trashed.  AND when you get to the hotel the lamp shade makes an excellent hair flower holder.   When we got to the hotel and in our room I immediately unpacked and hung everything up (more on that later).


Shoes – flats are your friends.  Or wedges.  I lived in my wedges and flats.  You do so much walking (I literally lost about 5 lbs in the 4 days we were there last year).  You can bring some pretty stiletto pumps and if you can walk or dance in them for hours God bless you but make sure you have back ups and band aids for blisters.  I brought one pair of pumps and didn’t even wear them.  I only brought 3 pair of shoes – the flats, the wedges and the pumps.  Shoes are last on my list of things for Viva. Mostly because comfort trumps pretty (and vintage) in the foot department for me.  Again, you will be doing a crazy amount of standing and walking.

One thing I didn’t bring was a sewing kit/safety pins.  I could have used safety pins at one point (can’t even remember why? – OH! The strap on my purse broke. )- in fact I ended up at the gift shop buying some.  And then Lucas found the sewing kit in the hotel desk drawer on the day we left haha!

My next blog post will be about getting to the hotel (there is a trick to that even!) and what to expect at the Orleans Hotel.