Sorry for the long pause on the blog.  There just isn’t much exciting to talk about in the dead of winter in Minnesota.  And trust me…. we are in the dead.of.winter. here.  We’ve almost set the record for most days in a row where the temp was at some point (usually morning) below zero – I THINK we were at something like 41 or 42 days in a row.

Anyhoo, today, even though it was snowing Julie, Lucas and I ventured out to the Minnesota History Center to see the Prohibition exhibit.  Prohibition is actually really interesting – I would highly recommend you check out the 3 part documentary that aired on PBS.  Very interesting.  And you can always check out “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO for some loosely based on history Prohibition entertainment too (but with better fashion and alot more boobs and swearing).

The exhibit at the history center involved ALOT of reading which actually slowed things down and made it more congested.  The exhibit goes in order or dates so my favorite part was in the middle, obviously, during the roaring 20’s.  They had one section that featured a speakeasy with a dance floor to learn the Charleston, a bar with drink recipes popular in the time, and fashion of the time was displayed (FYI guys – you only wore a top hat with tails, if you didn’t have tails you needed to wear a bowler).


While we were exploring the other exhibits at the museum we came across the “Greatest Generation” exhibit. Hello 1950’s wonderfulness!  Now this is my jam.  We liked this exhibit more than the Prohibition one, haha.

Here I am boarding a plane (they had vintage luggage sitting out but it was nailed down – yes I checked – damn!).  Photo by Julie.


They had a diner set up, a “dry cleaners” set up with a ton of vintage clothes, old TV’s playing old shows, a vintage kitchen, a vintage living room and tinsel tree (all behind a rail).

IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3580 IMG_3579IMG_3583IMG_3575

After all that excitement we headed over to Uptown to have dinner at Eat Street Social and have a night cap at Glam Doll Donuts.

IMG_3586 IMG_3589

I’ll have some Viva Las Vegas prep posts coming up in March. Stay tuned! 60 days from TODAY!