Ah yes, it’s that time again!  Awards season!  This show was hard for me to pick a best and worst dressed.  I have a lot of people in the “meh” category.

I’ll start with my worst dressed list first –

Paula Patton – it’s just not my style.  I know some people will lose their shit over it but not me.  It screams 80’s to me. And the 80’s are not my ideal fashion decade.

Amy Adams – oh dear.  I heard her say on the red carpet that she was paying homage to her 1970’s movie “American Hustle”. 1. The 70’s is the only decade I detest more than the 80’s.  2.  Girl you don’t have the boobs for that and 3. If you are going 70’s with the dress then go 70’s with the hair – work some big Farrah hair.  I think if she had done some Farrah hair it could have maybe been saved.
Sandra Bullock – mehhhhh, it’s ok?  I don’t know…. I go from liking it to not liking it.  It seems very Project Runway amateur.
Lena Dunham.  Lena, Lena, Lena.  I think she’s really talented but she needs to hire some new stylists.  Her hair and make up looks great here but the dress.  Gah!  The color is good on her but honestly it’s too small.  I’m all for curves and she’s got some but she looks like a sausage in it.  Had this dress been her actual size it would have been fine.
Now for my “meh” list –
Jennifer Lawrence – she’s killing it with the hair and make up and accessories.  The dress – oy.  Of course it’s Dior – she has no choice but to wear Dior.  But come on Dior – don’t make her wear a dress that looks nearly identical to the Dior dress you made her wear at the Oscars.
Michelle Dockery – had this dress been a color I would have loved it – and she looks gorgeous in jewel tones.  And maybe it looked better in person.  It’s a pretty silhouette and I love the beading or embroidery or whatever is going on but I hate the trend of colorless dresses.  And I’m not sure what is going on with the hi-lo hems this year – there were quite a few.
Jessica Chastain – she is another girl who should wear color – she looks amazing in color!     I do hate her hair though.  That blow out straight back thing is not flattering her.
And now for my best dressed list:
The hosts – Tina and Amy looked great on the red carpet and on stage.  I love all their choices.
Olivia Wilde – I love the green – makes her eyes pop.  Her hair and make up are on point.  Well done.
Julianna Marguiles – very gothic in a pretty way.  I dig it.
Reese Witherspoon – simple, great color, and she looks bangin’.  Slightly understated but 1. this isn’t the Oscars and 2. she wasn’t a nominee so it is completely appropriate.
Emma Watson – this may seem simple from the front but when she turned around – bam! Pants.  Love that unexpected twist.  Perfect for a young girl.  She’s always pretty daring and looks high fashion without trying too hard.
Sofia Vergara – she not in a mermaid silhouette!  Praise Jesus.   And the girls are mostly contained.  Is the apocalypse coming?  Perhaps.  She looks great.  I love the jewelry and her hair and make up are very understated.  Well done.
Cate Blanchett – Cate being Cate.  Wearing high fashion and killing it.  The only criticism is it is expected at this point.  She looks great.  Love that her jewels, hair and make up are understated – the dress has enough going on.
That’s it!  That’s my list for 2014 (I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you!).  Who were your favorites and least favorites?