The Emmy’s kick off awards season!  Honestly there weren’t any dresses that blew my socks off.  I noticed some color trends – emeralds, blood reds and of course the color I hate most – nude/pink/tan/whatever you call that “non” color that Kristin Wig and Jennifer Aniston like to wear.

Let’s start with my Mad Men girls!  First the best dressed of the crew –

Christina Hendricks wearing Christian Siriano – I’ve loved Christian since Project Runway.  Christina wears him alot and he  knows how to dress her very curvy body.  This screams 1930’s to me – the hair is perfect and the bag and jewels.  I would say she’s my best dressed.


Elizabeth Moss – it’s a *little* prom-y but still looks good on her.  I like her with blonde hair.


Kiernan Shipka – she is always adorable.


And for the not so great ladies of Mad Men….  Jessica Pare – oy.  Her stylists should not have allowed this… it’s wrinkled.  Her boobs are heading South.   No bueno.


January Jones – girl knows how to give bitchface doesn’t she?  I just don’t like this color.  She looks too monochromatic.  I love her in jewel tones/bold colors.


Onto my other favorite show – Game of Thrones – Emilia Clark aka Mother of Dragons aka Don’t F with me Targaryan.  This looks like a sheet with a belt.  And not in a good way.


Heidi Klum – I don’t love it – this looks super costumey to me.  It reminds me of a bad ass Queen of Hearts costume.   I might have liked it better without the neck piece situation.


Kelly Osbourne – I love the vintage vibe to this and the color BUT I can’t help but get distracted by her hair not matching the dress haha.


Guilianna Rancic – girl needs to eat something.  I’m so distracted by her bones sticking out I can’t say much about the dress.  😦 It looks alot like what she usually wears.


And onto another favorite show – Modern Family.  Sofia Vergara – I like it.  The color is great.  Yes her boobs are out but they’re always out and I guess if I had her boobs at the age of 41 they’d be on full display too.  I like the emerald jewelry with the red dress.


Julie Bowen – she reminds me of peaches and cream Barbie from the 80’s (minus the big hair) – too much ruffle going on for my taste.


Who was your best and worst dressed?