Picking up where we left off…. so Lucas and I went to see World War Z with Julie.  It wasn’t bad! It was action packed.  I much prefer slow moving zombies however.  The zombies in WWZ are stupid fast!  I would get exhausted running from those things.   The movie is pretty intense – Julie screamed once.  🙂  Have any of you seen it?  Did anyone go to movies this weekend?  Seems like a popular weekend to see movies.

We also watched a couple of Netflix DVD’s – one was The Hobbit – as you would expect it was basically Lord of the Rings.  And Beautiful Creatures – I really liked that movie!  It’s Twilight but better (even Lucas really liked it) – my friend Michelle informed me that it is a book series so after I finish my Sookie Stackhouse series I’m going to get those.  They are called the Caster Chronicles and Beautiful Creatures is the first one.

Sunday we went out to dinner to celebrate Lucas’ grandparents’ 80th birthdays (May for Grandpa and June for Grandma) and their 60th wedding anniversary (also in June).  The entire family gathered at Jax in NE Minneapolis. We took over one of their rooms and toasted to Grandma and Grandpa. They are just the sweetest people I know and I’m so lucky to be in their family.  I wore my relatively new PinUp Girl Clothing dress.  I had my hair in rollers for over 24 hours but the damn humidity still got me.  Some of my curls fell flat so I pinned it up and wore a flower in my hair.


What did everyone do this long weekend?  Did you lose track of what day it was like we did?  That must be what it’s like to be retired.  🙂