Ok friends… as you know I had originally planned a Murder Mystery Party for June – well that got postponed for a variety of reasons – we have no furniture in the living room, there were multiple other events going on at the same time (that various people including us wanted to also attend) and the weather had just been weird this spring/summer – and looking back the day of our planned Murder Mystery Party was actually the day after and day of back to back wind/rain storms that had knocked down trees and power to many.   And it was about 90 degrees with 150% humidity. So looking back it’s probably better we postponed it.  Ok, stick with me here – I decided to reschedule for early September…. but then I got thinking “September is awfully close to Halloween..”  I don’t want to have back to back parties not only due to my own pocketbook but that of my friends’ as well.

So my friends (most specifically those that attend my parties) – what do you think?  Right now I’m leaning toward scrapping the Murder Mystery Party until next Spring/Summer and doing the Halloween party.  Ya’ll know Halloween is my THING.   So if I go with a Halloween party then my next conundrum is small party or bigger party?  Last year I had a small (9 people) sit down dinner party.  It was so much fun.  It was great to be able to sit down and actually have conversations with everyone (rather than running around like a mad woman) and it was much easier to organize and play actual games (and everyone had a great time!).  But the problem with the smaller party is the guest list – it’s really hard narrowing it down!   The reason I leaned toward the smaller Halloween party is in Halloweens past we haven’t always had a great turn out – people said they were coming and then when it comes down to it they didn’t… that doesn’t work with the Murder Mystery Party – people have assigned parts so I think (barring illness or family emergencies) they feel more obligated to show up.

GAH!!  What do I do guys?