Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

 Are you sick of me talking about Viva Las Vegas yet?  Sorry if you are….  Viva was definitely a vivid memory for me.  I can remember walking into the Orleans Hotel on the look out for the rockabilly peeps.  Because we showed up on Wednesday morning they were very scarce.  I remember seeing a couple while we were eating breakfast – they were perfect (and I think German) – her hair was done perfectly, she was wearing a lovely Hawaiian dress and vintage shoes and jewelry.  He was dressed in vintage clothes too.  It was hard not to stare at them!  After breakfast we went up to our room  to unpack and get done up and my friend Julie text me later saying “they are everywhere now” -apparently the rockabilly flood happens late Wednesday and Thursday.   But my most vivid memory is definitely seeing those two first thing Wednesday morning at Viva Las Vegas.


Thank you everyone for reading 31 days of blogs in May!  And thank you to Meaghan and Sarah for participating with me!