Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.
I can only pick 5!?  Gah!  I read about 50….

1. Tom and Lorenzo Project Rungay – TLo are hilarious.  They do commentary on celebrity outfits but what I love the most is they do run downs of TV shows I love (Mad Men, Walking Dead) and they do a fashion recap of the Mad Men episodes.  Their writing is very witty and sometimes catty which I love.  And they give fabulous nicknames to celebs (Bill and Cathy Cambridge, Grandma Betty, Shelly O, and Dame Helen Mirren Queen of FuckingFantastica).  🙂

2. Kristen over at Iowa Girl Eats also writes one of my favorite blogs – she posts recipes mostly and they’re all awesome.

3.  Cassie at Back to her Roots blogs about everything from food (she develops alot of her own recipes, is part of a local CSA, has her own garden) to fashion to just random musings.  One of my favorite posts she does is WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday – she posts a pic of everything she’s eaten during the day.  I might be weird but its fun spying on what people eat.  Cassie and her husband Craig also have another blog where they chronicle their recent house renovation adventures.

4.  Emma and Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess post about food, fashion, and decor.  And they’re both super adorable.  And Elsie has a super cute doxie named Dolly!

5.  I recently found and I looove it.  She is a vintage loving rockabilly chick who does some amazing hair.  I’m jealous that I don’t have her hair styling skills.  Speaking of rockabilly chicks – check out Dollie’s blog too – I love her! (PS – right now she’s doing her Viva wrap up posts – makes me Viva home sick!)