Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

One thing that sticks out from my childhood is a time my mom and Grandma took me and my cousin Brandon to the MN Zoo.  We lived about 2 hours from the zoo so it was quite a trek for 2 little kids – I’m about a year and a half older than Brandon and I think at the time we were maybe 6 and 7 or 8 and 9.  Some where around that age.   Anyhoo, I remember nothing about actually being at the zoo but I remember on the drive home my grandma sang a song to us – it went like this:  “Kiss me once, Kiss me twice, oh kiss me once again!” – Brandon and I sang that damn song the entire 2 hours home.  Pretty sure my mom wanted to kill my grandma for even starting it and they probably both wanted to choke us for singing it non stop.  Oh to be a kid again!

For funzies – here is a pic of me and Brandon circa 1984-85.  We played together all the time as kids.  I dressed him up like a girl, made him play school – it’s amazing he still talks to me to this day. 🙂  Our mothers must have thought it would be the cutest thing on earth to dress us up like Mr. and Mrs. Claus one year…


PS – I found out later that song is actually real.  I figured this whole time Grannypants made it up.  Nope – I heard it on oldies radio one day!  And because I know it’s killing you – here is a link to the song: