Day 2, Thursday:
 Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you’d like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

Oh Lord…. well I could educate you about spine surgery but that might just scare you into never moving again sooooo….. how about all things pin up?  I’m sort of obsessed with pin ups, looking like a pin up, being a pin up, ya know?  I think I originally got into the vintage style from watching Mad Men (before they hit 1968 – I am NOT a fan of vintage fashion after 1965).  From Mad Men I started searching blogs about vintage lifestyles, hairstyles, make up, etc. and came across pin models and pin up clothing as well as the rockabilly culture.  I love the aesthetic of the vintage pin up look – my favorite years for fashion are between about 1940 and 1965, particularly the 50’s.  I have an hourglass shape and most 50’s style accentuate that.  I know alot about pin up clothing companies – when we were in Vegas I was people watching/stalking and I could point at girls and say “She’s wearing Bettie Page.”  “She’s wearing Bernie Dexter.” “She’s wearing PinUp Girl Clothing.” “OMG that’s Doris Mayday!” – Doris is a pin up model – more on her in a minute.  “OMG – that’s Dollie!” – Dollie is a sweetheart with one of the first rockabilly blogs I found (  What’s the difference between a pin up and rockabilly you ask?  Well rockabilly is more of a music style – a mix between rock and hillbilly (country) music – think Johnny Cash, Elvis, Carl Perkins, and Bill Haley.   Rockabilly girls tend to have  more tattoos than girls going for the pin up look but the two overlap quite a bit in the fashion department.  Rockabilly girls tend to grab more hair inspiration from the 40’s (victory rolls).

When I think “pin up” I think of Betty Grable (she became one of the most recognizable pin up models in WWII) and of course Bettie Page.


My favorite modern day pin up model is hands down Doris Mayday – I love her!  She use to work at the Bettie Page store in the Mall of America but she’s since moved to California where I’m sure there are more modeling opportunities for her and she’s now the boss lady at Pin Up Girl Clothing (a boutique in Cali selling – you guessed it – pin up girl clothes).  Here are some photos of her modeling PinUp Girl Clothing styles.


Some of my favorite pin up reproduction clothing lines are:  PinUp Girl Clothing, Stop Staring, Bernie Dexter, and Bettie Page.  If you want to start looking a little like a pin up throw on some red lipstick and put a few curls in your hair (and a flower if you wish).   You can wear some skinny jeans or cigarette pants with a cardigan or a full skirt and a top and you’re all set.  🙂  Who knows – maybe you’ll be Pin Up of the Day on Instagram one day!