I know I don’t do many clothing reviews here on the blog but when Jessica from PinUp Persuasion (http://pinuppersuasion.com/) put out a call for reviews on the Pin Up Girl (PUG) Jenny skirt I was happy to oblige.  Let me first start by saying if you are a lover of pin up girl styles head over to Jessica’s blog STAT – she does honest, thorough reviews of pin up style reproduction vintage clothes from a number of companies (Bettie Page, PUG, Glamour Bunny, etc.).

I’ve been a fan of PUG clothing for quite awhile now.  Here are just a few of their dresses that you’ve seen me in –

PicMonkey Collage

A few months back (probably around the holidays) PUG posted a picture on their Facebook page of a photo shoot featuring sample dresses from their upcoming Spring line – I saw a harlequin print from 10 miles away.  I was in love.  That print screamed 50’s to me.  I stalked their website waiting for it to be released and it finally was about a 2 weeks ago (http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/jenny-skirt-harlequin.html).  I think I squealed out loud at work when I saw PUG announce the release on their Facebook page and I willed my little iPhone to hurry over to their website as quickly as it could before they sold out (which was entirely possible – this print was very sought after).  I was also lucky enough to pick up another Jenny skirt at the PUG booth during the car show at Viva Las Vegas.  The tiki print Jenny caught my eye right away and was perfect for the tiki party at the pool (http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/jenny-skirt-tiki.html).

The Jenny skirts retail for $98 (USD).  Now before you tell me I must be rich (ha ha) for paying $98 for a skirt let me tell you this – PUG clothing is so well made.  The fabric is quality.  The craftsmanship is quality.  All of their products are made in the USA and often times PUG does months of testing to come up with their own prints and fabrics.  All of these factors go into the price of their garments and I’ve never been disappointed by the quality.

Here I am in the tiki print at Viva Las Vegas.  I could have easily worn this with a black or green vamp top as well.  Perfect summer BBQ outfit!


The harlequin is just dreamy isn’t she?


The Jenny is made of cotton sateen.  The fabric is quite sturdy.   The 9000 pleats (ok there aren’t 9000 but there are a ton!) really help give the skirt volume and a retro 50’s feel.  I love that both skirts have so many colors in them – in these photos I paired the harlequin with my black PUG vamp top and the tiki with my peach PUG vamp top.  I could pair them with quite a few other colors as well.  Yay for versatility!  Per the PUG website I went with size Large – my waist is between 29-30 inches.  According to their size chart a Medium is a 28-29 inch waist and Large is 30-31.  I went with the Large simply because I knew I would be wearing something tucked into the skirt and I wanted to be able to breathe when I sat down.    I have crinolines under both skirts but thanks to the pleating one isn’t absolutely necessary (I also paired the harlequin with a belt to cinch the waist even more but the skirt is not sold with a belt).   The only beef I have with these skirts (and it has nothing to do with PUG and actually everything to do with my genes) is they are a tad too long for my 5’3″ frame.  They fall 2-3 inches below my knee and I’d like it right at my knee so I will be taking them to my seamstress for some hemming.  Now I just need the snow to melt in MN so I can wear my pretty new things out and about!