Here are some of my latest Instagram pics – do you follow me on Instagram?  You should – portia319.  🙂


Shoveling snow on 4/18/13.  Ugh.  Mother nature can suck it.


Picked up some tulips at Trader Joe’s this week – trying to bring sunshine to our days.  Trader Joe’s has great affordable fresh flowers!


Mad Men premiere party – I am wearing a vintage cocktail dress, my grandma’s vintage rhinestone earrings and carrying a vintage silver purse.


And one more from Viva…. see that?  I’m showing SKIN.  Lucas is wearing SUNGLASSES.  I’m SHADING myself from the ball of fire in the sky….  sigh.

My sister in law posted this on Facebook and I am with her 110%  I will hurt you if you complain about heat this summer.