Last night was the premiere of Mad Men!  Jax Cafe in NE hosted their 4th annual Mad Men premiere party.   Those who attend usually dress in vintage reflective of the year in which the show is set – right now its 1967 verging on 1968.   There were lots of people looking very 1970’s at the party.  I honestly thought the fashion selection was better last year.  🙂

I found this red vintage dress on Etsy and it immediately reminded me of Megan’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” dress from last season.   It was chiffon over satin with rhinestones on the neck and cuffs.  I wore my grandma’s rhinestone earrings and carried a vintage silver purse.

IMG_2237 IMG_2240 IMG_2242


Onto the show – what did you guys think?   I thought an hour of the two hours was boring.  I don’t care about Betty or the violin girl (who the hell was she anyway?).  Peggy is turning into Don Jr.  Joan didn’t get enough air time.  Megan is annoying as ever and Don… well Don is back.   I haven’t decided if I like the old Don being back yet or not.  Stay tuned.   If you love Mad Men I would recommend reading the wrap ups of each episode on Tom and Lorenzo (google it) – they do an episode recap and a fashion recap.