Sunday was our last day at Viva.  Insert sad face.  We had to check out at noon but our flight didn’t leave until 7 pm (we headed to the airport around 430).  My final outfit was a casual shirt dress and a red scarf in my hair.


We had lunch and enjoyed a few hours at the pool doing more people watching and listening to music.  We spotted girls in nude fish nets (under their suits) and an adorable couple – she with fuschia hair and he with a killer aqua blue jacket.  Julie caught them on camera –

DSC_0814 DSC_0721_2 DSC_0805_2DSC_0723

Closing Viva thoughts –

Lucas and I are in love with this rockabilly culture.  The music is intoxicating.  The dancing is addicting.  The fashion is classy.   I already have a few goals for next year (we’ve already booked rooms for 2014):

1. Improve my hair style skills.  I can make do but some girls are SERIOUS.  I also want to obtain more actual vintage clothes.  This is difficult for me because I don’t have a 24 inch waist.  But I’ll keep searching.  Check out these pics:

DSC_1587   DSC_0300_2  DSC_0108

2.  Improve our dancing.  We took Lindy Hop classes – guess what?  No one Lindy Hops at Viva.  Sigh.  They JIVE!  Luckily Jive isn’t TOO hard.  We’ve got a year to practice.

3.  Next year I’m bringing safety pins and a small scissors haha.

4.  Lucas is already figuring out what tattoo he wants.

5. Get better at being nocturnal – it was hard for us to stay awake late but that is when everything happens.  Next year we may need to bring some Advil PM or something to make us sleep more during the day so we’ll be up at night.  Julie’s brother and sister in law would dance til 3 or 4 am but they also stayed in bed til 2 pm!

6.  Next year we’re staying til Monday – I was bummed to miss the jive competition and Nikki Hill singing Sunday night.

So that is my wrap up of Viva 2013.  We’ve found “our people”.  No more Easters will be spent at home.  We belong to the Church of Rockabilly now!