Saturday is the big day at Viva.  It is the day of the car show, the headlining musical guest AND the most fashionable night of the weekend.  I changed 3 times! I started out with my Pin Up Girl blue Heidi dress, straw bag, and parasol (a definite need in the sun).


The cars are so fun to look at – here are just a few of the pics Julie took:

    DSC_1624  DSC_1783 DSC_1770

Some random people asked us to have our pictures taken – I still have to figure out who these guys were haha.  Julie caught it on camera of course!


The musical headliner this year was none other than 80 year old Little Richard!  Lucas and I didn’t see him (but we could hear him loud and clear) but Julie said he put on quite a show!  Here he is in his golden wheel chair!


I picked up a new skirt at the Pin Up Girl booth so I decided to change into it!  Here I am in the vamp top and new tiki skirt both from Pin Up Girl.  I wore this outfit to dance lessons – Viva offers jive lessons and for the first time this year Texas two step.  I wouldn’t recommend them.  We actually quit halfway through.  First they started 45 min late.  Second, the teacher was kind of all over the place and she started with the two step (and we wanted to learn jive).  We later found out you needed to do Friday’s jive class in order to do Saturday’s jive class (yeah no one told us that either).  So needless to say – I can’t recommend a dance class at Viva.  We’ve been learning the jive on our own since we got home via You Tube!


I wore this dress for the remainder of the afternoon before changing into my evening wear – a dress from Unique Vintage.


We watched people dancing and Si Cranstoun (check him out – he is awesome) singing live for the evening.  We also drooled over the fashions – everyone gets our their best on Saturday night – vintage evening gowns, prom gowns and sequins everywhere! Here are some of Julie’s pics to enjoy –

DSC_0684 DSC_0681_2 DSC_1134

I think we stayed upright until about 2 am on Saturday.  🙂