At this point we found ourselves saying – “wait, what day is it?”  Friday!  I went with a Hawaiian vibe for Friday.  This dress is from Le Bomb Shop (on Ebay).  I wore my hair in a net with flowers and accessorized with my straw bag and parasol.


Friday we went to the pool and people watched for a bit – I am not lying when I say the people watching is incredible here!  At the pool most everyone is in a vintage suit.  The hair is coiffed perfectly (guys and girls) – no one’s hair got wet in the pool!  Every day at 3 pm the Aquasonics (a surf band) played live music.  Each day there was a vintage swimsuit contest (guys on Friday, couples Saturday and women on Sunday).   Here are a few of Julie’s pics from our time by the pool:

DSC_1461 DSC_1500 DSC_1494

Friday afternoon we also went to see the Charles Phoenix Slide Show.  Charles Phoenix is a super funny comedian who collects vintage slides (especially of cars) and then narrates a slide show.  OMG I was crying laughing.  If you go to Viva I HIGHLY recommend it!  We also took in a fashion show on Friday.

Friday night was more live music and people watching.  My night outfit included my Pin Up Girl Vamp top, vintage birdcage veil, new vintage beaded bag and Le Bomb Shop circle skirt.