TGIF!  Did this week seem like it took forever or what!?  Maybe it’s because it’s Spring but looks and feels like January.  Minnesotans are officially over it.

So I had a birthday this week (I’ve officially stopped counting the number any higher though).   This is what happens where we work:

IMG_2003     IMG_2005

We have since called a confetti truce.

Some of my awesome gifts from my awesome friends – Twin Cities Haunted Places, Christian Dior fashion book, vintage rhinestone necklace and Skinny Cow ice cream “cake”.

IMG_2007 IMG_2010

And I got my free gift from Sephora – these things are awesome and very expensive which is why I wait for my birthday. 🙂


And I got some final pieces for my Viva outfits.  These will come in handy during the car show.


This weekend we are doing some last minute vacation shopping.  And tomorrow is my daddy-o’s birthday – Happy Birthday Dad!