It’s here!  The granddaddy of the awards season.  Let’s get right down to the best, worst and meh on the red carpet.  There are quite a few pics – I had a hard time narrowing it down!


Jessica Chastain – flawless – this looks even prettier on TV.  Hair is perfect, make up is perfect.  Perfect color.  Love her.


Kerry Washington – I love this color on her.  It has a slight 60’s vibe.  I dig it.


Kelly Osbourne – she rarely disappoints me.  And I still love her lavender hair.



Reese Witherspoon – sure she looks good, but I gave her a “meh” because it seems like she wears this dress alot.  Pretty color though.  And her hair looks good.


Zoe Saldana – I ALMOST put her on the worst dressed list but then I reconsidered because she’s usually spot on.  The thing about this dress – well there is just too much going on.  It seems like three different dresses happening between the floral applique bodice, the belt situation and the funky flouncy hem.


Jennifer Lawrence – Here comes the bride….


Catherine Zeta Jones – she’s a “meh” because she tends to wear dresses like this ALOT.  And the only person looking like Oscar tonight should be Oscar.


Charlize Theron – a structured dress with a peplum?!  OMG!  Breaking news alert.  Yawn.


Anne Hathaway – sigh.  Oh Anne, you usually pull through on nights like this.  Ok the hair is super 80’s mom.  The nipple darts are killin’ me and the necklace.  Meh… it looks too 1994 prom.  I will say the back was killer.  And again with the anti color.  Theme of the night I think.


Jennifer Garner – the color is gorgeous.  The back was like a tail of ruffles.  She honestly looked pregnant in it on TV. It definitely photographed better than it appeared live. Not her best effort.  Ben looks good except his bow tie is wonky.


Worst (and when I say worst, I mean WORST)

Brandi Glanville – who?  I know, right.  She’s the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian (again, who?) who famously left her for LeeAnn Rimes.  Brand is on Real Housewives of some unfortunate city.  So my question is 1. WHY is she at the Oscars? and 2. What the hell is she wearing?  The Oscars is not the place to have your boobies on full display.


Melissa McCarthy – oh Lord.  Her stylist should be shot.  First of all – the hair.  Tragic. The dress – does NOTHING for her figure.  NOTHING.  You should by no means accentuate the widest part of your body with ruching or seaming or whatever that is.  Sigh.


Who was your best and worst dressed?

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