Lucas and I were having a conversation one day about all the things there are to do in Minneapolis and St. Paul and we haven’t done them.  Have you ever been a tourist in your own city?  Well this Spring, Summer and even into Fall that is exactly what we’d like to do.  Here are a few of things we have on the list:

*Bell Museum of Natural History –

*Weisman Art Museum –

*Como Z00 and Conservatory – – I haven’t been to Como since I was probably 5.

*American Swedish Institute – – I drive by it daily – always wondered what it’s like inside.

*Visit Lakewood Cemetery – – now before you freak out let me tell you this cemetery is cool.  Julie took me there once to see the chapel which is amazingly beautiful.  It is full of mosaics.  I’m dying (no pun intended) for Lucas to see it.

*Mill City Museum –

*Minnehaha Park and the falls –

*Fort Snelling –

*Foshay Tower Museum –

And if this wasn’t enough to keep us busy- here are 150 more things to do (some of which we’ve already done) –

Do you guys have any other recommendations?