1.  Two TV Shows You Watch Every Week?

Depends on the time of year…. we always watch Mad Men, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and New Girl.  We try to watch The Middle, Suburgatory and Modern Family on Wednesdays if we are around.

2. Top 3 Places on Your Must Visit List:

Europe (to start Scotland/Ireland), Australia, Japan.

3. Current Favorite Decorating Color Combo?

Eh, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite.  I do like this combo – but I can’t really do it in my house because it just wouldn’t “go” with the rest of the house.  I love the turquois and red – great vintage vibe.

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4. Do you Use the Snooze Button on Your Alarm?

Nope.  Never.  Lucas would.  I’ve never been a snoozer.  I think it’s because I am afraid of sleeping over or turning it off instead.

5. Oldest, Middle or Youngest?


6. Do you collect anything?

Pretty dresses.  🙂

IMG_0924 IMG_0951

7. What is your middle name?

Lyn with one “n”.  My sister’s is Lynn with two “n”‘s.  Mom ran out of names.

8. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I really thought about this one – I never had anything growing up that I really wanted to be.  I know that’s super weird.  Some kids just live to be doctors or lawyers or movie stars or artist.  I never had that.

9. a. Are you city or country?

Ha, city all the way.  Which is funny since I grew up in the country.  I like having things within a few minutes of my house. I love the hundreds of amazing restaurants nearby.  I love the theater and entertainment in the city.  I know some people just like the peace and quiet of the country – I guess I get peace and quiet in my cozy house and I am content with it.

9b. Tom Boy or Girlie Girl?

Do I really need to answer that one?  Girlie Girl all the way.  Evidence:


10. Last Meal?

Cupcakes and Red Velvet Cheesecake.

11. Fancy Label for your Decorating Style?

I would say clean/simple/retro modern.