Lucas and I started swing dance/Lindy Hop classes this week. We’re taking classes at Uptown Swing in NE Minneapolis.  We have about 60-70 people in our class which is more than I’d like.  We’re often running into other couples.  That’s really my only complaint about the class.   When we first got there we all stood in a big circle and held hands – of course I immediately think “Oh God, let’s all spread the flu.”  Then they lined us up in 4 lines; we’d do a few moves and then we’d high five our partners and the boys would move down the line (and I’m thinking “Yay, more germs” – I’m a freak, I know).   While this partner sharing would make some people have an anxiety attack I think it’s a good idea – if you’re constantly dancing with the same partner you could develop bad dancing habits as a couple – in fact I never dancedwith Lucas once.  I had good dance partners and not so good dance partners.  I had to dance with a few super tall dudes (one had to be 6’4) – that was hard to do.  I danced with a teenager and I danced with an 80 year old.  I appreciate the wide range of ages. Lucas said it’s a lot of pressure being the leader because they’re basically in charge of what moves to do haha.  Dancing is a great work out.  We were all sweating after class – sexy I know.

After class we both had a lot of practice to do.  We practiced Thurs night and tonight.  My calves are killing me – especially the right one.  But I’m still practicing and already doing much better than I was at class.   We video taped ourselves for one dance – oh we look like a hot mess.

In the meanwhile enjoy a video of our instructor Peter dancing competitively –

Happy Friday!