*Disclaimer* I haven’t seen these dresses on screen.  I don’t have cable thus I don’t watch the SAG’s so my list is based solely off photos from People.com.

Without further adieu..

Best Dressed

Marion Cotillard – I love her.  She always looks great.  Her hair and make up look great  and the dress is beautiful.  Very simple yet glam.  And pockets!


Viola Davis – amazing color on her.  Love the pop of coral in her earrings and bag.  Well done!


Jordin Sparks – great color, great cut on her.


Jessica Chastain – she has redeemed herself from the Globes – her boobs are no longer sad.  The jewelry works, the dress is lovely.  I applaud her for wearing red (which some redheads shy away from).  My only critiques would be the dress is a little tight across the hips/stomach and I wish her hair would have been more 40’s vavoom.


Kiernan Shipka – little Sally Draper on Mad Men – she always dresses adorable and age appropriate.  Love her.


Helen Hunt – I think this is a ‘safe’ dress – nonetheless it looks great on her.  Not super digging her hair.


Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel – shout out to MN boy Pete Campbell from Mad Men.  I had no clue he was dating his Mad Men costar Rory Gilmore.  I like her green vintage-ish looking dress.  Not a fan of the hair but I’ll let it slide.


Claire Danes – another one who improved from the Golden Globes.  Can you believe she had a baby like 2 months ago!?  This is much improved.   The only thing that bugs me is it looks like she could have a nip slip on the one side – her stylist needs to tape that dress so it doesn’t move.  And I think she could have done without the super dark lipstick (but again that could just be the picture).


Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt – Lookin’ good Don Draper.  Jennifer is wearing nude… you all know how I feel about nude.


Not So Best Dressed

Sigourney Weaver – I have no words.


Kaley Cuoco – oh Kaley.  Kaley Kaley.  At least your make up looks better than last time we saw you.  I appreciate the vintage vibe to your dress but pick a length – either hit the floor or hit just below the knee.  The ankle length is not doing it for you.  And the hair doesn’t go with the dress.  Neither do the shoes.


Julia Styles – she looks like she’s 60 years old here!  No bueno.  The hair and make up age her.  The dress is meh.


Michelle Dockery – aka Lady Mary from Downton Abbey – I usually love her style choices but I’m not a huge fan of this. The side boob and chiffon cut outs bug me.  Love the hair and make up though.


On the Fence

Kelly Osbourne – I usually love her choices too.  I’m on the fence about this one.  I love the shape of it.  I’m put off by the beading/stones on it.  I think they make it look cheap.  Maybe it’s suppose to look rock n’ roll….. I don’t know.  I’m confused.


Elizabeth Moss – I think I like this…. the top is bugging me a little bit.  I feel like it screams 80’s to me and not in a good way.  Her hair and make up look awesome.  Love her with dark hair.


Nicole Kidman – I like the dress – I hate her hair.  Her hair is ruining it for me.


Jessica Pare – 2 Mad Men girls wearing emerald.  I don’t love the bodice.  I think it makes her look wider than she is.  That being said I didn’t put her on my worst dressed list because I don’t hate it… I just don’t think it works for her.


Who were your best and worst dressed?