Tis the awards season!  70th Annual Golden Globes!


Ok I have to get this off my chest – Let me start by saying I hate nude dresses.  I have no idea why so many people wear that color.  It is hard to pull off – it just doesn’t look good on many people.  Also – mermaid silhouettes – ugh kill me.  I don’t mind one once in awhile but good Lord they are everywhere.  So I’ll spare you a slew of pictures of nude dresses.  Ok, thanks for letting me vent.  Onto the good, the bad and the what the hellllll!  🙂

The Good

Let’s start with the hosts.  I’m generally not a fan of either of their fashion choices, but I really loved their red carpet looks.  Tina Fey is wearing L’Wren Scott and it has a fun retro vibe – I would have shortened it a tad.  Her hair looks great (she always seems to wear it back) down.  I looooove Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney!  She looks awesome.  Love those kicky little pants.


Naomi Watts in Zac Posen- I love this.  She is flawless.  I love the color on her.  It has a great 30’s/40’s vibe.  Her jewelry is perfect.  The hair is faboosh.  My best dressed.   As my idols TLo would say “Bow the fuck down kittens.”

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Anne Hathaway in Chanel – She looks good in this pic.  On TV the dress looked boxy but it photographs well.  My only complaint is she often wears white to awards shows.  White is her nude haha.


Lady Mary from Downton Abbey – her real name is Michelle Dockery – is killin’ it.  I love this.  She looks flawless.


Jennifer Lawrence in Dior – in this picture she looks amazing.  It’s a little weird up close (i.e. on tv) – it looks like her boobs have crumb catchers.  But the color is great – it was a watermelon/coral color.  Very pretty on her.  I like the belt too.


Robert Pattinson – this is for my BFF Julie.  The boy looks good.  His suit even fits. I’m impressed. 🙂


On the Fence

Jessica Alba – I am on the fence on this one.  I hate the necklace.  I will let the mermaid slide this once.  I love the color on her.  I love the purse and overall look.  Her hair looks great.


Kate Hudson – she so reminds me of her mom here – I like this dress on her but she has done it before – she wore a very similar cut in green to another show.


The Bad and the What the Helllll?!

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein – ehhhh, she usually looks amazing.  The color is great on her.  The cut and fit do nothing for her.  Her boobs look sad.


Jennifer Lopez – I have no words.  It just doesn’t say “Jennifer Lopez” to me.  I can appreciate the hundreds of hours that probably went into making it though.


Julianne Hough – well then…. She looks like a swan who got in a fight with some glitter.  Her boyfriend Ryan should have told her not to wear that dress.


Alyssa Milano- ok I like the color – I’m a sucker for mustard/gold.  And that’s it.  Her hair is weird – she should have worn it up.  The dress needed to be nipped more at the waist and that might have saved it.


Kristen Bell – sparkly Victorian nightgown.


Kaley Cuoco – yes it’s nude but I’m not posting because I hate the nude, I’m posting this because of her make up – her make up artist should be banned from Hollywood!


Eva Longoria – there is too much going on here….


Rachel Weisz – I saw this and thought well this is cute… until I scrolled down…

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Who are your best and worst dressed?

Photos courtesy of People.com