I’m watching Dateline – total murder mystery tonight.  Onto the real topic – Murder Mystery Parties!  We’ve been hosting them for…. 6 years.  They are a TON of work (and aren’t cheap) but I love throwing them.  I love seeing my friends have fun and be creative.  I love being creative with the decorations and menu and costumes.   Murder mystery parties and Halloween are my “adult” excuses to dress up.  I think I’ve narrowed down the theme for our 6th Annual Party:

Once Upon a Murder – A Tale of Treason and Treachery in a Kingdom Far, Far Away

This one sounds so cool – Prince Charming throws a ball with attendees including Snow White, Rapunzel, Alladin, The Big Bad Wolf, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltzkin, Beauty and the Beast and the list goes on!  Oh, and Cinderella is missing – scandaaaaaalous!  *For my regular attendees I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do this party in the Spring or more toward late summer/early fall – stay tuned.

Here’s a look back at our past parties:

1st Annual – Murder at the Juice Joint – 1920’s glamour; this was our first go of it.  Everyone was a little apprehensive about what to do but it all worked out.  Our kitchen floor was COVERED in booze with feathers stuck to it.  I think we washed it 3 times.

IMG_2295[1] ResizeofIMGP2560[1]

2nd Annual – Murder Among the Mateys – Arrrrrrr!  Pirates!  This party started out with a HAIL STORM!  It looked like snow.  Made a great foggy atmosphere outside though.  😉 Same person “died” 2 years in a row – oops, sorry Dan!

Picture 321 IMGP2911

3rd Annual – Murder at the Deadwood Saloon – a rip roarin’ Wild West party.  Lots of hookers.  Lots of feathers.  Lots of cowboys.

DSC01245  n1435431821_436143_1488131

4th Annual – Horror at Homecoming – totally tublar 80’s party.  Where’s the Aquanet?  The music at this party was killer, no pun intended.  Speaking of killers – I was the killer this time. 🙂

DSC02009  DSC02002

5th Annual – Murder Under the Big Top – the circus has come to town!  The creativity with costumes for this party was amazing.

412612_4231379229482_1461113142_o IMG_0748 IMG_0742

I’m so looking forward to the next and I hope my friends are too!