Since Lucas and I pulled the house off the market in October and refinanced I have an urge to redecorate.  We’ve lived here nearly 7 years and some of the rooms have never changed.  I will leave our bedroom as is because it was the last room I repainted and really who sees it?  And we’ll leave the family room as is (maybe some new artwork – nothing major).  We’re different people than we were when we moved here as 23 year olds.  We have new interests, different tastes and so I think the house needs to evolve with us and our styles.

My list over the next 6 months includes:

Living Room – repaint, new artwork, possibly a new couch/chair

Kitchen – repaint, new artwork

Guest Room – repaint, new comforter/decorative pillows, new artwork

Dog Room/Office – the dog room is going to turn into MY “get pretty” room – I already have all my vintage and vintage repro dresses hanging in the closet in there.  Lucas is going to make me a vanity of some sort.  I’m going to display my (ton of) jewelry on the walls as art.  That will be our biggest project.  It will require ALOT of reorganization and creativity.  The dogs will still stay in there but the focus of the room won’t be as an office anymore.  Speaking of which – anyone need a desk and book case?

Bathroom – maybe repaint – I am limited to what colors I can do because of the floor – it is slate and has very particular colors in it.  So if I get inspired I’ll change the paint and shower curtain; if not it will stay as is.

Come summer we may do a few fun things to the outdoor/deck area.

*Disclaimer* – when I say “new artwork” I mean new to us.  I really want to hit up the thrift stores and vintage stores to see what kind of wonderful treasures they have.  And I’ll probably be hitting up for some prints to put on the walls.   I’m super excited to go hunting for new things to fill the house.  In fact I’m on the lookout for a vintage beverage cart – let me know if you happen to see one.

I’ll be selling quite a bit of our things as well.  I can’t collect more clutter without getting rid of some.   🙂