Hi everyone!  Have you recovered from Christmas?  We’re going into detox mode here!  More on that later.

I’ll share a couple Christmas goodies that I received this year.  First my awesome husband made me this to hang (some of) my necklaces. He’s going to have to make me a few more – I have a ton of costume jewelry and I need a better way to organize it (right now its all thrown in a drawer and my grandma’s vintage jewelry is laying in plastic tupperware containers yet).


My dear friend Michelle in NJ gave me this lovely scarf, bracelet and this super cute sign.


I also received gift cards from mom, dad, various friends and family.  I bought some cute shoes online (I’ll post them when I get them) and I’ll replenish a couple things in my Sephora supply.  I received 2 Bettie Page gift cards – I can’t wait for their spring/summer line to come out so I can get some pretty things.  We’re going to use some cash we received for Christmas to get a new mattress – super exciting I know but we need one!

What did you get from Santa?