Merry Christmas Eve Eve! We had a fun weekend with my family.  For the first time ever I talked my immediate family (mom, dad, niece, niece’s boyfriend) into coming here for Christmas.  Saturday we had a nice dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, carrots and pumpkin pie).  We opened gifts and watched “Home Alone” – my niece has never seen it.  I know.  Blasphemy.  We got lots of nice things.  My parents never fail to spoil us.


Today is Benny’ s (the niece’s boyfriend) birthday.  We had brunch and “birthday cake” – Benny isn’t a fan of cake so he requested French Silk Pie.

We also had 5 dogs in the house.  Our three and Ash’s two including her new puppy – he is a rat sized chihuahua. She isn’t sure on his name yet.  It was Zeus for a day but now she’s not sure.  He makes sounds like Chewbacca so I called him Chewy.   He’s awfully cute but as with babies the nice thing about puppies is you can enjoy them and give them back to their parents.  🙂



And here he is doing agility on my wine rack…..


I’ll do a separate post after all the festivities are said and done about my lovely gifts.  I’ve gotten a gorgeous skirt from Bettie Page (from mom and dad) to show you and Lucas made me something too that I love!  Stay tuned!  Enjoy Christmas with your families!