Vintage Christmas Card028

I’ve noticed each year that I’ve gotten fewer and fewer Christmas cards.  This year so far I’ve only gotten about 5 cards.   Gone are the days when sending and receiving Christmas cards was the only way to know what your family and friends were up to for the holidays.  I recently read an article about a survey that showed the average person goes 41 days without handwriting something – say what?!  (Ok this is totally hard for me to wrap my head around because in my job I write things all the time – I type too, but writing is something I do 100 times a day).  This same article shows that 1/3 of teen girls and 1/2 of teen boys have never written a handwritten letter.  Which would totally explain why kids these days (don’t I sound old?) have the worst handwriting…. ok I’m getting off topic here.

Anyhoo – do you send Christmas cards?  I do – I enjoy getting the perfect photo.  I enjoy designing them and getting them ready to mail.  I understand that with the price of postage that sending cards isn’t economical for everyone but it totally bums me out that people just don’t seem to send cards anymore.  Why is it?  Is it truly the cost?  Is is pure laziness?  What do you think?  I personally think it’s a bit of both.  I really look forward to receiving cards and looking at everyone’s photos and I’m super bummed we don’t get many in return.  I’m actually re-thinking sending cards next year.  I believe it’s polite to send a card if you receive a card.  But considering I send about 40-50 cards out and get maybe 10-20 back I don’t think everyone shares my belief.

Friends – don’t take this blog post as a guilt trip into sending me a card haha.  I’m just expressing my opinion.