Thank you everyone for joining me over here for my new blog!  I called this blog PinUp at Heart because… well, I kind of am a PinUp at heart!

I found this blurb on the internet:

What is a pinup girl?

The term pin up refers to a photographic and illustration style which is printed and meant to be pinned up on a wall. This style originated at the beginning of the 20th century but became very popular during World War II as millions of young men spent weeks and months away from their sweethearts and longed for an escape. The pin up girl has became an indelible part of modern popular culture and endures to this day. In fact, thanks to the internet, the pin up girl is more popular than ever and only a few clicks away. The style is classic and nostalgic with a nod of appreciation to the fashion, makeup, hair and a cute campy attitude. We love it.

When I think of PinUp girls I think of the glamorous ladies of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Girls with curves.  Girls who appreciate looking glamorous – I’m sorry but I can’t advocate going to the grocery store in sweats and Uggs.  :Shudder:   Anyone who knows me knows I am a make up whore; I never leave the house without my “face” on; I always have my hair done; I’m always dressed well (sometimes dressed too well for the event but c’est la vie).  I love the fashion of the 50’s – I guess the bottom line is I identify with the pin up aesthetic.

I’m going to write about a bit of everything in this blog – much like my previous 365 days blog.  I hope you all enjoy!  Cheers!